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Our Approach


Adopt a consultative approach


Use of thought-provoking knowledge


Provide latest market intelligence in corporate environment


Commit to ensuring the best results


Understand client’s needs and requirements


Identify current issues and concerns


Advise candidates on career development


Transparency in consulting process


Report to clients regularly

Step 1

Understand organisational structure and Comprehensive Analysis
  • Understand industry dynamics and current organization structure
  • Map-out client’s needs, business objects and culture
  • Develop and discuss position specifications

Step 2

In-depth Research, Identify, Assess and Initial Screening
  • Identify target companies and potential candidate profiles
  • Map-out internal relationships and conduct in-depth market research for external candidate sources
  • Qualify, assess and interview candidates
  • Prepare profiles for shortlist candidates

Step 3

Client Interview
  • Discuss and recommend shortlist candidates
  • Arrange client interviews for qualified candidates
  • De-brief on the selected individuals

Step 4

Offer and Negotiation
  • Consider client concerns – Understand candidate concerns
  • Manage and assist in structuring offer
  • Manage and assist in offer negotiation

Step 5

Reference Check and Follow up
  • Perform reference check and prepare report to client
  • Follow up with candidates and clients to ensure successful transition
  • Subsequent review

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